02 October 2023 :

Four people were sentenced to death in HCMC on September 28, 2023 for transporting 12 kg of drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam for sale.
Vu Trong Nghia, 28, and his lover Tran Thi Trang, 31, the masterminds, were sentenced to death by the HCMC People’s Court for the illegal trading of narcotic substances and the illegal storage of military weapons.
Their accomplices, Pham Van Son and Nguyen Van Vui, were also sentenced to death, while three others received jail sentences from eight years to life for the same charges.
Prosecutors said the actual amount of drugs trafficked by the convicts is actually much greater.
In October 2018, Nghia moved from the northern city of Hai Phong to HCMC. He later got acquainted with Trang, and the two lived together. When Nghia learned that Trang was dealing drugs, they discussed to purchase a large amount from Cambodia to resell in Vietnam.
In November 2018, Nghia went to Cambodia to make contact with a person named A Chia to buy drugs. From January 2019 to March 2019, Nghia bought 12 kg of drugs, including ketamine and ecstasy pills, from A Chia, then gave them to Trang and other accomplices to sell them.
In later deals, Nghia hired Son and Vui to come to Cambodia to bring back the drugs. Nghia also bought Son and Vui a gun and 11 bullets for self-defense.
Prosecutors said Son had transported drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam four times and was paid VND100 million ($4,098). Vui did so five times and was paid VND115 million.
On March 22, 2019, a team of HCMC police inspected a car at an intersection in District 5, discovering that Nghia and Son were storing a gun and a small amount of drugs in the car. A further investigation exposed Nghia and Trang's drug trafficking ring.


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