executions in the world:

In 2024


2000 to present



  • Abolitionist
  • retentionist
  • De facto abolitionist
  • Moratorium on executions
  • Abolitionist for ordinary crimes
  • Committed to abolishing the death penalty


government: constitutional monarchy
state of civil and political rights: Partly free
constitution: ratified 18 July 2008
legal system: civil law based on Buddhist religious law
legislative system: bicameral Parliament (Chi Tshog) consists of non-partisan National Council (Gyelyong Tshogde) and National Assembly (Tshogdu)
judicial system: Supreme Court (consists of the chief justice and 4 associate justices appointed by the monarch); High Court (first appellate court); District or Dzongkhag Courts; sub-district or Dungkhag Courts
religion: Lamaistic Buddhist 75.3%, Indian- and Nepali-influenced Hinduism 22.1%, other 2.6% (2005 est.)
death row:
year of last executions: 0-0-0
death sentences: 0
executions: 0
international treaties on human rights and the death penalty:

Convention on the Rights of the Child



Asia, Middle East, Australia and Oceania