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  • Abolitionist
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  • Abolitionist for ordinary crimes
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North Carolina

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death row: 161 (as of April 1, 2013, source: DPIC)
year of last executions: 0-0-0
death sentences: 0
executions: 0
international treaties on human rights and the death penalty:

The method of execution is injection. The sentence is determined by a jury. The death row is located at Raleigh. As for the clemency process, the Governor has sole authority to grant clemency.
On January 25, 2007, Superior Court Judge Donald W. Stephens blocked two executions, creating a de facto moratorium on capital punishment. The Judge, after he was informed on the decision of the state medical board that doctors should no longer participate in the lethal injection given at the execution and that state corrections officials planned to replace the doctor by a registered nurse and an emergency medical technician, ruled that this procedure would violate state law. He said prison officials could not simply change the protocol for executions without the approval of the governor and of North Carolina‘s Council of State. The decision of Judge Stephens is practically a moratorium, and it was taken two days after 30 North Carolina legislators had asked Governor Mike Easley to declare a death penalty moratorium until the state thoroughly reviewed its lethal injection procedure.







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