7 sentenced to death

13 July 2018 :

8 March 2018: the military Court of Matadi condemned to the death penalty seven members of the religious movement Bundu dia Kongo for "participation in a movement insurrectional and murder". This verdict comes after two months of a rebound trial.
Among the seven condemned to death two are women. They will not be able to benefit from pardon or amnesty before 5 years.
The seven convicts were part of the group of 31 persons prosecuted following the clashes who opposed the national police and followers of this movement between January and February 2017 in the city of Kimpese and Matadi (Kongo-Central).
In addition, eleven of these accused were sentenced to ten years of primary criminal servitude, without any possibility of pardon or amnesty before 5 years.
On the other hand, fifteen of the three women were acquitted. According to the court, the prosecution did not bring enough evidence against them.
Defence counsel denounced a "political" judgement. They promised to go on appeal.

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