24 October 2018 :

Bahrain’s Court of Cassation accepted the verdict in form and turned down the appealed death penalty in substance against defendants Hussain Ali Moussa and Mohammed Ramadan Essa, Asharq Al-Awsat reported on 23 October 2018.
It also returned the case for reconsideration by the issuing court to be constituted from another jury to issue a new ruling, Advocate General and Head of Technical Office at the Public Prosecution Haroon al-Zayani said.
The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) submitted a memorandum to the Public Prosecution regarding its investigations in both complaints lodged by the two convicts, who were sentenced to death for killing a policeman and attempting to murder several others by detonating a bomb.
SIU suggested in its memorandum the possibility of reconsidering the sentence against the convicts on the basis of new reports that were issued in the course of its investigation and which were neither submitted to the two degrees of litigation courts nor to the Cassation Court.


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