Beni: 14 condemned to death

13 July 2018 :

19 January 2018: the military Court of North Kivu delivered its verdict in the case under RP. 172/2017 against 30 defendants, 14 of whom were sentenced to the death penalty, accused by the public prosecutor as being ADF members or its collaborators.
In its sentence, the court sentenced 14 to death; acquitted seven others, exempted from any sentence 1 accused and inflicted on 9 other sentences varying between 2 and 20 years of prison. 
The 14 condemned to death are: Mwami Mbunguma Kitobi André, Mwami Boroso Bin Benda II Undelema; Kamal Balabala Pharaoh, Kahindo Kangeneti and Kamal Bahwee thanks. Adrien Muhumuza, Thomas Salongo, Kamal Shahetera Salomon, Ka Marga, Katembo Kapisa, Kasereke Kayikolo aka Kaska, Paluku Mbowa Charles, and Mumbere Selemani were convicted by default. The judgments of this exceptional court are not subject to appeal. 

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