Beni: 6 condemned to death

13 July 2018 :

18 January 2018: the operational military Court of North Kivu had delivered two judgments in the cases under PR: 197/2017 and 209/2017.
In the first case, the court sentenced to the death penalty to the warlord Muhindo Nguba David, one of the leaders of the armed group known as APCLS, convicted of leadership/command of a insurrectional movement and illegal possession of arms and war ammunition. Muhindo Nguba is accused of contact with the leaders of several armed groups of the Great North (including the dreaded David Maranatha of May may body of Christ) in order to jeopardize the institutions of the Republic.
In the judgment under RP. 209/2017 the Operational military Court condemned 8 accused of the "May-May Deacon" militia for participation in a insurrectional movement and criminal association. The tribal-religious militia set up by Masubili Seven recruited young people (in Beni and Oicha) on the pretext of fighting ADF. In fact, the militia officials planned attacks on the Beni garrison military auditor and the MONUSCO de Mavivi headquarters.
The court condemned, without extenuating circumstances, 5 fugitives to the death penalty and ordered their immediate arrest (Kadi Tuliza Safari, Mumbere Devendra, Kadi Kamabu, Ka Liso and Kadi sasunga). As for the other 3 cases in the same case, the court granted them extenuating circumstances and sentenced them to sentences ranging from 5 to 3 years of penal servitude. The judgments of this exceptional court are not subject to appeal.

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