Congo: Colonel Abbas Kayonga sentenced to death with 13 other people

20 June 2018 :

21 March 2018: Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bukavu military court sentenced the former anti-corruption chief of the rich mining province of South Kivu, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

"In total there were 26 convictions and 6 acquittals," said Lieutenant Colonel N'Sa Obal, president of the South Kivu Military Court.

"Abbas Kayonga and 13 members of his gang were sentenced to death, the others were sentenced to sentences ranging from 5 to 20 years in prison," he added.

"Former coordinator of the anti-fraud unit in South Kivu Abbas Kayonga and 25 co-defendants were transferred to the Ndolo military prison in Kinshasa, shortly after the conviction", "the court condemned them for rebellion, murder and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition", a prosecutor told AFP.

In early November, the former head of the anti-mining fraud service in South Kivu, a region rich in gold and coltan, refused to bow to the decision of Governor Sud Kivu to suspend him of his duties.

Abbas Kayonga had fiercely opposed the security forces sent to search his home. Six people (three civilians and three soldiers) were killed in clashes with heavy and light weapons.

"The military prosecutor intends to appeal, as there have been death sentences" in this process, Colonel-magistrate Roger Wavara told AFP.

The death penalty is no longer applied in the DRC following a moratorium decided by the authorities and commuted to life imprisonment.



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