14 July 2020 :

The association Hands Off Cain - Spes contra spem thus commented on the news of the resumption of federal executions in America.
"With the resumption of executions at the federal level, Donald Trump realizes the only success of the electoral program for his re-election. In this way, Trump manifests his "extraordinary" vision of America's future, that is, a return to the past and the archaic logic of an eye for an eye. Trump gets the resumption of executions when all over the world and in the United States of which he is President, the tendency is to dispose of this old iron of history.
There are in fact 165 different abolitionist states (106 completely abolitionists, 8 for ordinary crimes, 6 in a legal moratorium on executions and 45 actually abolitionists) and only 33 are maintainers, of whom only 20 in the last year. While in the US, 33 states out of the 50 of the federation, either have abolished the death penalty (21) or have not carried out executions for over 10 years (12, including 4 with a legal moratorium in place). Of the other 3 jurisdictions, the District of Columbia has abolished the death penalty, while the Federal Government has taken it up and the Military Administration has not practiced it for at least 10 years.
The declarations of attorney general Barr as of Trump to have done justice in the name of the victims are an abusive, cynical and vulgar exercise of the pain of others. It is an aberrant logic for which to defend Abel, the State becomes Cain. Justice authentically on the side of the victims is justice that repairs, it is not what feeds the eternal chain of violence and pain."


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