21 February 2019 :

15 people have so far been executed in Egypt in February alone (7th, 13th & 20th), all were condemned among many others (present & absent) for terrorism crimes.
They were tried by civic courts, and final verdicts has been issued by the Court of Cassation.
As part of the project Containing the death penalty in times of the "war on terror" in Egypt, Somalia and Tunisia, according to Hands Off Cain and the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) 62 people were executed in Egypt in 2018.
Of these 62, 47 were put to death by civil courts, the remaining 15 by military tribunals (12 for terrorism and 3 for rape in a military hospital).
Also in 2018, 60 defendants sentenced to death were sentenced to final judgments in fourteen cases, twelve of them from the Civic Court of Cassation and two in military cassation court.


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