Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie

02 October 2018 :

An Egyptian court has ordered a retrial of the Muslim Brotherhood's leader Mohamed Badie and other senior figures from the banned group starting on Oct. 7, judicial sources and state news agency MENA said on September 30, 2018.
Badie has been handed multiple death sentences and life prison terms in a series of trials since Egypt's military ousted President Mohamed Mursi, also of the Brotherhood, in July 2013.
According to MENA, the retrial relates to a case in which Badie and 14 others were handed life sentences for incitement to commit murder and attempted murder of anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators near the group's headquarters in June 2013. Four others were sentenced to death in the February 2015 ruling.
The new charges include premeditated murder, attempted murder, beating to death and possession of unlicensed weapons, MENA reported. It did not explain why the charges were modified but according to Egyptian law charges can be altered if new evidence arises.


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