04 June 2018 :

26 february 2018: according to a local judicial source, the Egyptian authorities executed six people, five from the same family.
Five of the six, were convicted of kidnapping and murdering a four-year old girl in 2013.
The five relatives, which consisted of three males, Hamada Abdel Ghaffar Qandil, 46 years old, Hamada Abdel Ghaffar, 18 years and Ayman Abdel Moneim Shalaby, who was 23 years old, were executed along with two relatives, which whom were women. The women’s names are Al-Atef, aged 40, a housewife, and Asma Hamada Abdel Ghaffar, aged 19.
The executions were carried out at Tanta Prison in Egypt’s Nile Delta shortly after President Abdel-Fattah al Sisi approved the death sentences.
Egypt’s Supreme Court upheld the death penalties in March of 2017.
In Case No. 15590 of the year 2012, Ibrahim Rabie Al Azab, was also executed on February 26 at Tanta Prison, for being convicted of killing Mahalla six years ago.


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