17 February 2020 :

A Higher court in East Harar, South-Eastern part of Ethiopia, sentenced a suspected human trafficker, who is said to be responsible for the death of five women, to death, reported on 17 February 2020.
The suspect identified as Abdulkarim Tahir has “caused the death of five women in the course of illegal human trafficking,” said the court.
According to state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) – Abdulkarim cajoled five young ladies of Gursum district of East Hararge zone, Dayferes kebele to entrap them in illegal human trafficking.
Five of the eight young ladies whom he managed to convince that they would make it to Saudi Arabia drowned in a boat accident in an unspecified location.
He reportedly received three thousand Ethiopian birr from each of them, and he took them from their places during night time to avoid suspicion. 
It was, however, unspecified in EBC’s election the convict is to appeal the courts’ decision or not.


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