Patrick Hannon

14 November 2017 :

Patrick Hannon, 53, White, was executed.
Hannon's body moved during the execution procedure. His lips twitched, his chest heaved and his arms, legs and body appeared to convulse a bit. Then, 12 minutes after the execution began, he was pronounced dead.
Hannon was convicted in the January 10, 1991 slayings of Brandon Snider, 27 and Robert Carter, 28. Hannon's jury recommended death unanimously after finding him guilty of both killings.
In Florida lethal injections, there are 3 primary drugs used in the cocktail, administered in stages at various doses. The Etomidate injection is used 1st, to ensure the inmate is unconscious. A round of Rocuronium Bromide is then used to relax the muscles, essentially to paralyse the inmate, and the 3rd and final and fatal drug is the Potassium Acetate. This is the drug that stops the heart."
He was the 3rd person executed in Florida in 2017, the 95th person executed in Florida since the state resumed executions in 1979, the 22nd prisoner put to death this year in the U.S., the 1,464th person executed in the United States since the state resumed executions in 1977.


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