IRAN - 118 Kolbars killed or wounded in November

IRAN - Kolbers

01 December 2023 :

November 30, 2023 - Based on the statistics registered in the Statistics and Documents Center of Hengaw, during November 2023, at least 118 Kolbers and tradesmen were killed or injured in the borders of Kurdistan, which 93.2% of the cases were caused by direct fire from the Iranian armed forces.
According to this report, 8 Kolbers were killed and 110 Colbers were injured. During this period, one underaged Kolber was killed by direct fire from the Iranian Border Guards, and 14 others were wounded.
This statistic has increased by 88 cases, equivalent to 293%, compared to October, when 30 Kolbers were killed or injured.
The highest number of victims was recorded in Kurdistan province with 93 cases.
Cause of death or injury:
Direct shooting: 111 cases (6 killed and 105 wounded) equivalent to 93.2% of total cases.
Mine explosion; 2 cases (2 wounded), equivalent to 2.6% of total cases.
Natural disasters; 5 cases (2 killed and 3 injured) equivalent to 4.2% of total cases.
Separation of victims by province:
West Azarbaijan Province (Urmia): 3 cases (2 killed and 1 injured).
Kurdistan Province: 93 cases (5 killed and 88 wounded).
Kermanshah province: 22 cases (1 killed and 21 injured).


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