IRAN - 2 women, Arasteh Ranjbar and Nazdar Vatankhah, hanged at Urmia on July 23

25 July 2019 :

2 women, Arasteh Ranjbar and Nazdar Vatankhah, hanged at the Central Prison of Urmia on July 23. According to an informed source, the 2 women had been previously given 1 month to attract the agreement of the victim’s parents but they had not managed to do so, and their death penalties were carried out. The 2 women hanged on Tuesday morning, July 23, 2019, were identified as Arasteh Ranjbar and Nazdar Vatankhah. According to reports, both women had spent 15 years in prison prior to their execution. “Arasteh Ranjbar was sentenced to death for killing her husband. Her own children were the plaintiffs. Nazdar Vatankhah who was the victim’s sister, sentenced to death as the conspirator in the same case,” sources told. They were transferred to solitary cells Monday morning, July 22, to be prepared before being sent to the gallows. With these 2 women, the number of women executed during 6 years of Hassan Rouhani’s presidency reaches 93. on July 24, 2019: Iranian media, including ISNA, confirmed the executions. According to the reports received by Hengaw Organization for Human Rights and KHRN, Araster Ranjbar, and Nazdar Vatankhah were Kurdish.


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