IRAN - 3 men executed in Zabol on January 20

IRAN - Zabol Central Prison

22 January 2022 :

Parviz Akbari Rud, Jamaleddin Gorgij and Dadshah Sarani executed in Zabol on January 20, 2022. They were Baluch inmates.
At dawn of Thursday January 20, 2022, two Baluch inmates, Parviz Akbari Rud and Jamaleddin Gorgij and another Baluch prisoner, Dadshah Sarani were executed in Zabol prison on narcotic related charges and on charge of murder respectively. Parviz Akbari Rud (Akbari Rad, but also Mohmammad Shahbakhsh Daroozehi), 34, son of Arbab Mohammad from Zahedan was married. It is said that his family were able to visit him for the last time. According to Haalvsh website, at the time of arrest, the police force in Lootak-Zabol road shot him in his left arm. After he was deployed to a hospital and the bullet was taken out, he was transferred to ward three of Zabol Prison. Parviz was sentenced to death in 2020 by Zabol Revolutionary Court. He was taken to solitary confinement for execution on January 19, from ward 2 of Zabol Prison known as “Taghzi”.
Jamaleddin (Jamal-e-din) Gorgij, 40, from Zabol, was married. He was detained in Zabol in 2019 and was sentenced to death at Zabol Revolutionary Court in 2020.
Another Baluch inmate, Dadshah Sarani, who was detained in 2013 by Zabol investigation bureau and was sentenced to death at a criminal court, was executed in Zabol Central Prison on Thursday, January 20.
Dadshah Sarani, 45, from Doost Mohammad Village in Zabol was married. Resanak News website quoting an informed source about his execution wrote: “Dadshah had not committed murder, but a relative of his did. He ran away so they couldn’t catch him.”


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