IRAN - 5 men executed in Yazd on August 18

IRAN - 5 Yazd executions

18 August 2022 :

Saeed Kashani, Khodarahm Narouyi, Hamid Narouyi, Seyed Abbas Mousavi and Amir Ali Shahiki executed in Yazd on August 18.
According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, five men were executed in Yazd Central Prison on August 18. Three of the men who were Baluch minorities and sentenced to death for drug-related offences have identified as Saeed Kashani, Khodarahm Narouyi and Hamid Narouyi. They were arrested between 7-8 years ago.
The other two men who were sentenced for murder, have been identified as Seyed Abbas Mousavi and Amir Ali Shahiki. According to Hal Vash which first reported the executions, Amir Ali Shahiki was also a Baluch minority. At the time of writing, their executions have not been reported by domestic media in Iran.


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