IRAN - 500 executed in Iran since the beginning of the year

IRAN - 500 executions

24 October 2022 :

500 executed in Iran since the beginning of the year. In relation to the population, no other country in the world carries out as many executions.
With the last 3 carried out on 22 October, Iran has reached 500 executions since the beginning of 2022. This is the highest figure in recent years. In all of 2021 there were 372, in all of 2020 there were 284, and 298 in 2019.
It should be remembered that over 80% of the executions that Hands Off Cain recorded (and published on his website) are "secret", in the sense that they are not published in the official Iranian media, but only by some NGOs of Iranian exiles abroad, which draw on their own sources. Moreover, Iran does not collaborate with international structures that deal with human rights, and despite having signed the main international agreements on the subject, it does not accept that inspections or checks are carried out on its territory. For many years, the UN Human Rights Rapporteur has been asking to be allowed to visit Iranian prisons, and has always been denied permission, and even a simple visa to enter Iran.
The figure of 500 is very high, but, as always happens in non-transparent countries, the true figure could be higher. Compared to previous years, international observers have noted a very strong increase in executions for "minor" crimes, namely drug trafficking (207). These drug executions mainly affected the Baluchi ethnic minority.
Hands off Cain considers the website (based in Norway) Iran Human Rights to be reliable, which by 2022 currently has 439 executions, including 2 of minors, and 12 of women. HoC integrates IHR data with other Iranian exile sites, often focused on single ethnic minorities (Baluchi, Kurds). Other trusted sites are Iran HRM, Iran HRS, Hrana, Hengaw, NCRI Women Committee (especially for executions of women), and Haalvsh. The latter is a Farsi-language site.


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