IRAN - As of December 29, 615 victims of the "November riots" identified

31 December 2019 :

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) released the names of 14 more martyrs of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising in November, bringing to 615 the number of those identified so far. Meanwhile, the clerical regime, fearing the international and domestic consequences of committing crimes against humanity is continuing its efforts to conceal the actual number of the martyrs, the wounded and those arrested. According to reports, the interrogators and torturers have transferred many of the wounded before recovery from hospitals to prison and put them under torture. Many of the detainees, including those in Shiraz, are being pressured to take part in made-for-television forced confessions and speak out against the uprising and the Iranian Resistance. Names of 14 more martyrs of the uprising are as follows: (the previous 601 victims were listed on December 25th (see)
Tehran – Hassan Doust
Tehran – Behnam Kashi
Tehran – Yashar Kian Ersi
Tehran – Boumehen – Behrouz Fallah
Tehran – Shahriar – Hedayatollah Hamid
Shiraz – Mehdi Solouki
Shiraz – Amir Roudgari
Shiraz – Reza Dehghan
Shiraz – Mostafa Zamani
Safa Shahr – Mohammad Hossein Nazari
Saveh – Mohammad Ali Bahrami
Isfahan – Majid Rezai
Isfahan - … Rahimi
Isfahan - …. Arasteh


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