Bahman Varmaziyar

19 April 2018 :

Iran hanged Bahman Varmaziyar, sentenced to death for armed robbery, in Hamedan Prison, state media reported.
The ruling was supposed to be carried out yesterday, but according to the Provincial Prosecutor Kamran Hamzeh, was temporarily suspended due to a “judicial problem.”
Bahman Varmaziyar was a hairdresser and sports club trainer in Hamedan who, on March 31, 2015, involved in an armed robbery from a gold shop in a four-member gang.
However, 18 days after committing the crime, he turned himself to the police and returned all he stole to its owner, expressing his regret of his actions. The plaintiff had also dropped all charges.
In a video file circulated on social media, Bahman Vermezir’s mother asked the authorities to stop the execution, reiterating that his son has voluntarily turn himself to the police.Another video showing the victim’s mother vomiting blood after being informed of imminent execution of her son, provoked extensive reactions on social media.
Hundreds of human rights activists and Persian language social media users asked the Iranian judicial authorities to stop Bahman Varmaziyar’s execution.


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