IRAN - “Ehsan” Acquitted of Alcohol Consumption

IRAN - Trial

25 February 2021 :

“Ehsan”, Facing Death Penalty, Acquitted of Alcohol Consumption
A 73-year-old man facing the death penalty after being arrested for the fourth time on charges of alcohol consumption, has been acquitted and released by Branch 9 of the Tehran Criminal Court. According to Rokna, a man identified only as Ehsan, a retired pilot with a military doctorate, was arrested for alcohol consumption and driving while under the influence of alcohol in Tehran. He was sentenced to death by Branch 9 of the Tehran Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mohammadi-Kashkouli. According to new reports, he has now been acquitted by the same court and released. Commenting on the case, the presiding Judge Mohammadi-Kashkouli said: “The 73-year-old man was in a car accident a while ago and was arrested due to his previous convictions for alcohol-consumption and his case was referred to the Court. During his trial, the defendant denied drinking alcohol and we came to the conclusion that there was no element of crime and acquitted him and he was released.”


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