19 June 2018 :

Five prisoners who were sentenced to death on murder charges were hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison.
According to the official news agency of the Judiciary, Mizan, one of the prisoners who were executed today was charged with the murder of an eight-month-old baby named Benita Qal’enoiy during a car theft.
The state-run news agency, Javan, reported, “The defendant, Mohammad Vafaiy, stole a car that belonged to Benita Qal’enoiy’s father while the eight-month-old baby was in the back seat. Ultimately, he leaves the car in the street which leads to the baby’s death due to high temperature and lack of oxygen.”
The defendant said that he went to the police reported the incident a few hours later “but they didn’t pay any attention.”
Although the statements of the defendant were denied by the police spokesman, Tehran’s prosecutor confirmed that the location of the stolen car carrying Benita, was informed to the police and they “should have” found the car “earlier”.
A close source told IHR that the executions of Mohammad Vafaei and four other prisoners who were charged with murder were carried out an hour after Mohammad Salas’ execution.
The four other prisoners have not been identified so far and the state-run media have not announced their execution.


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