IRAN - Hossein Karimabadi executed in Hamedan on October 16

IRAN - Execution

18 October 2022 :

Hossein Karimabadi executed in Hamedan prison on October 16, 2022
On charges of drug possession.
Hossein Karimabadi has been in prison for about four years. He has never been arrested before. An informed source told Iranian Human Rights Society. “Hossein had a first record and even though it is said that they do not execute him with a first record, they executed him.”
Hossein Karimabadi’s family went to Hamadan prison for the last visit the day before. And waited behind the prison door until morning to avoid the execution of their loved one.
An informed source said: “After being transferred to his cell, this prisoner cut his jugular vein and committed suicide, however, he was executed in this condition.”
The body of this prisoner was handed over to his family and he will be buried in Kangavar on Monday at 9:00 am.


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