20 September 2018 :

According to Javanonline website, the Criminal Court of Tehran has issued a verdict for Mehrdad for the third time and this time he is sentenced to death, Iranian Global Network reported on September 18, 2018.
The defendant was sentenced twice at the Criminal Court of Tehran for a murder that was committed on April 22, 2014, and, based on Article 91, he was sentenced to imprisonment and paying blood money because he was a minor.
Mehrdad had earlier explained the cause of murder, “Three years ago I was invited to a birthday party where I passed out after drinking alcohol and was sexually harassed by a guy named Soheil. That was why I decided to kill him.”
He continued, “I met Soheil in a park and stabbed him. Later that night I went to the location to hide the body but I was arrested”.


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