IRAN - More than 26 minors have been killed in the nationwide uprising

IRAN - 26 minors

13 October 2022 :

More than 26 children under the age of 18 have been killed in the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people
Reports show that the real number should be much higher.
On the other hand, UNICEF statement, expressed deep concern about the continued reports about the deaths, injuries and arrests of children and teenagers during the recent protests in Iran. And he expressed his condolences to the families of the dead and injured.”
In this statement, UNICEF statement emphasized that it wants to protect all children from any violence and harm, including in conflicts and political events. Violence against children is indefensible, by anyone and in any context.
The nationwide protests of 2022 in Iran began with the protest against the murder of Mahsa Amini. It has continued until now and more than a thousand people were killed. Among these, at least 26 children have been authenticated.
Names are as follows:
1-Zakaria Khayal, Piranshahr, 16 years old, martyred by security officers, martyred on 20 September;
2- Amin Maarofi, Oshnavieh, 16 years old, father’s name: Abu Bakr, shot in the head by security agents, martyred on 21 September;
3- Amir Ali Fuladi, Islamabad West, 16 years old, shot by security officers in Islamabad West, martyred on September 21;
4-Sydmehdi Mousavi, Zanjan, 15 years old, shot by security officers, martyred on 22 September;
5- Parsa Rezadoost, 17 years old, Hashtgerd, shot by security officers, martyred on September 23, 2022;
6- Sarina Ismailzadeh, 16 years old, son of Aref, Mehrshahr, shot by security agents, martyred on September 23;
7- Siavash Mahmoudi, 16 years old, from Beheshti settlement, Naziabad, Tehran. Due to being shot in the head by security officers, the date of martyrdom (probably September 26);
8- Mohammad Zamani, 16 years old, Tehran, because of being shot by security officers in Sultan Abad;
9- Ehsan Alibazi, 16 years old, Quds city, shot by security officers, date of martyrdom on September 23, 2022 – he was killed by 12 bullets. He was buried in cemetery of Waliasr town in Barde, Ilam province;
10- Nika Shakrami, 17 years old, Tehran, went missing on Keshavarz Blvd. on September 11. And on September 30, his body was found in Kahrizak with his face disintegrated, his nose crushed, and his jaw broken due to baton blows;
11- Amir Mehdi Farakhipour, 17 years old, Tehran, as a result of being shot by security officers in Tehran’s Laleh Park. Date of martyrdom: September 28, 2022. His family was told that we will not hand over the child’s body if you make it to the media;
12- Amir Hossein Basati, 15 years old, shot by security officers, martyred on October 2, place of martyrdom in Kermanshah;
13- Nima Shafiq Dost, 16 years old, was injured in nationwide protests in Urmia and hospitalized in the basement of her house, she was arrested, and her body was handed over on October 5;
14- Mohammad Javad Zahedi, 16 years old, Sari, killed with 95 Shotgun bullets in the head and back;
15- 16-year-old Samer Hashemzahi –
16- Sedis Keshani, 14 years old
17-Javad Poshe, son of Ahmad, 11 years old;
18- Jabir Shirouzahi, son of Ahmad, 12 years old;
19-Omid Safarzahi, 17 years old (shot in the neck and head);
20-Mireshkar (unknown name/2-year-old child);
21-Child (unknown identity/Shirabad region);
22-Child (unknown identity/Shirabad area);
23- 12-year-old Mohammad Rakhshani, the son of Abdul Qadir from Kausar Zahedan area, was shot in the head by the forces of Basij Tharullah base in Kebdani neighborhood;
24- Yaser Shahouzahi, 16 years old, was shot in the heart by security agents, martyrdom date: Friday, September 30;
(Balochistan children – from number 15 to 24 – were mostly killed by government agents on Bloody Friday, September 30 in Zahedan, or until October 5 in the cities of Balochistan);
25- Pooya (Ali) Ahmadpour Psikhani, 17 years old, Rasht, due to being hit by the batons of security officers, the date of martyrdom was September 23, 2022 – he first went into a coma and died after a few days;
26- Abulfazl Adina, 16 years old, was killed by 24 shotguns in front of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Martyrdom date, Saturday, October 8, 2022;


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