IRAN - Sohrab Tajmehr hanged at Bandar Abbas prison on June 30.

02 July 2019 :

According to IHR sources, on the early morning of Sunday, June 30, a man was hanged at Tohid Prison in Bandar Abbas. His identity is revealed by IHR sources as Sohrab Tajmehr, 39. Sohrab was convicted to death for committing a murder during a gang fight. “Sohrab Tajmehr was insisting all the time that he is innocent. The murder happened during a gang fight in which six people were involved. He was claiming that the person who killed Yaser (the victim) is someone else who ran away to Greece. However, Sohrab and Yaser were enemies for five years and thus, everyone believed he was the one who killed Yaser,” the source said. Sohrab’s execution is not announced by Iranian authorities or media so far.


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