IRAN - Tabib Rouzmehr was hanged at Quchan prison on Jan. 30.

30 June 2019 :

According to IHR sources, Tabib Rouzmehr (also Tayeb Roozmehr) was hanged at Quchan prison on Wednesday, Jan. 30. A source close to Tabib told IHR, “two years ago, he was working for a person called Vahid who had given him a cheque for the salary. However, there was no money in the account. Tabib could not find Vahid to ask for his money but found Vahid’s brother. The brother refused to give Tabib the address and the two fought.” Vahid’s brother fell down and bump his head to the street curb. The person died and Tabib sentenced to qisas (retribution in kind).


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