IRAN - The names of 30 women killed so far during the "November protests"

19 December 2019 :

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran has compiled information and eyewitness reports on the deaths of at least 30 women, so far.  These include at least four women with children, and three teenage girls. More details about the rest of the martyred women is being investigated. The Iranian regime has remained silent and is trying to conceal the facts. The suppressive forces refuse to hand over the bodies of those killed to their families. Many of those martyred were snatched from hospitals or streets and buried in unknown locations.

The names and reports related to the 30 martyred women

1.Ameneh Shahbazifard, 34 and mother of three – Karaj, Alborz;

2.Azadeh Zarbi, 28 – Shahriar, Tehran;

3.Azar Mirzapour Zahabi, nurse and mother of four – Karaj, Alborz;

4.Fatemeh Habibi – Bahrestan, Tehran;

5.Golnar Samsami, 34 and mother of an 8-year-old boy – Shahriar, Tehran;

6.Halimeh Samiri – Abadan, Khuzestan;

7.Mahnaz Mehdizadeh Nader – Karaj, Alborz;

8.Maryam Nouri – Robat Karim, Tehran;

9.Marzieh Abbaszadeh – Robat Karim, Tehran;

10.Massoumeh Darabpour – Ahvaz, Khuzistan;

11.Mina Sheikhi – 59 and mother of six – Tehran;

12.Hasineh Atighi – Mahshahr, Bushehr;

13.Nassim Ghorbani –Tehran;

14.Nikta Esfandani, 14 – Tehran;

15.Parisa Seifi – Kamyaran, Kurdistan;

16.Sepideh Hassani – Naghadeh, West Azerbaijan;

17.Shabnam Diani – Behbahan, Khuzestan;

18.Shelir Dadvand – Bukan, Kurdistan;

19.Yas Soleimani – Shushtar, Khuzistan;

20.Ziba Khoshgovar – Sanandaj, Kurdistan;

21.A 13-year-old girl shot in the head – Behbahan, Khuzestan – eyewitness report;

22.A female high school student shot by helicopter – Shiraz, Fars – eyewitness report;

23.A female student from Saqqez – Sanandaj, Kurdistan – eyewitness report;

24.A nurse in a hospital – Tehran – admission by Friday prayer leader of Asalem;

25.A pregnant woman – Mahshahr, Khuzestan – eyewitness report;

26.A pregnant woman – Saveh, Central – documented by video clip;

27.A woman – Mahshahr, Khuzestan – eyewitness report;

28.A young woman – Shahriar, Tehran – eyewitness report;

29.An unidentified woman – Rasht, Gilan – eyewitness report;

  1. Bita Khodadadi – Karaj, Alborz.

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