11 October 2019 :

Three prisoners have been hanged recently in Iran in different cases.
According to IHR sources, on the morning of 8 October 2019, prisoner Jahan Agashteh, 39, was hanged at the Iranian city of Mashhad’s prison (also known as Vakilabad prison).
Jahan Agashteh was from the city of Isfahan. Four years ago, he was arrested for killing a person in Mashhad and sentenced to death,” a well-informed source told IHR.
According to IHR sources, on the early morning of 6 October 2019, Abdolhakim Shahbakhsh and Assadollah Alizehi were hanged for drug-related charges at the prison of the Iranian city of Kerman. “Asadollah Alizehi was a former political prisoner and activist. He was arrested for his activities before. However, the geography expert was under financial pressures and his path of life was changed. It is the case for people, even professionals and university graduates at the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchistan,” Baluchi activist Habibollah Sarbazi told IHR. According to Baluchi Activists Campaign, the two were sentenced to death for smuggling drugs and fight with police.


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