IRAN - Two men executed in Karaj on April 17, 2024

IRAN - Varie

19 April 2024 :

April 17, 2024 - IRAN. Two men executed in Karaj on April 17, 2024. Sadegh Tajik + Unk. HRANA has identified one of the executed inmates as Sadegh Tajik, an Afghan national hailing from Varamin. Tajik had been convicted of murder. Additionally, while official media within Iran announced the execution of another inmate without specifying the location, HRANA’s investigations suggest that the execution took place at Ghezel Hesar Prison. Furthermore, HRANA reported last Sunday that five inmates had been transferred to solitary confinement within the prison, signalling impending executions. Of these, two were executed, two received temporary reprieves, and one was spared from death after obtaining consent from the victim’s family.


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