31 March 2017 :

The death sentences of two prisoners were reportedly carried out at Adel Abad Prison (Lorestan province, western Iran).
According to close sources, Cyrus Ebadi, 36 years of age, and Farajbakhsh Amrollahi were hanged on the morning of March 20, 2017 on drug related charges.
"Cyrus and Faraj were arrested in 2012 on the charge of approximately three kilograms of crystal meth and a small amount of opium. They were both sentenced to death in the same case file by the revolutionary court in Shiraz," a source close to Cyrus and Faraj told Iran Human Rights.
These two prisoners had reportedly been transferred to solitary confinement on Friday March17 in preparation for their executions.
Executions for drug related charges continue in Iran despite a bill allegedly approved by the Judicial Committee of the Iranian Parliament to halt the death sentences of thousands for drug related charges.


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