IRAN - Unidentified woman executed in Rasht on November 25

IRAN - Woman's execution (223)

04 December 2023 :

November 25, 2023 - Unidentified woman executed in Rasht on November 25 
According to a news story published on December 1 by IHRS, in addition to the two men already known about, a woman was also executed on November 25 in Lakan prison, in the city of Rasht. The woman, whose name is not known, had been sentenced to death on the charge of murder. The two men were GadaAli Saber Motlagh and Mohsen Sedaghat.
The woman executed on Saturday, November 25, is the 223rd woman to be executed by the clerical regime since 2007. She is the 20th woman executed since January 2023.


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