IRAN - Zahra Esmaili was already dead when executed

IRAN - Zahra Esmaili and her children

20 February 2021 :

The lawyer of a woman recently executed in Iran said Friday that the authorities hanged his client despite suffering a fatal stroke before her execution. In a Friday post on his facebook account which was later deleted, Omid Moradi said that Zahra Esmaili suffered a fatal stroke after witnessing 16 men being hanged befor her and authorities hanged her dead body. “Today, I saw the death certificate of Zahra Esma’ili. The reason written for her death was heart failure,” Omid Moradi tweeted on February 19, 2021. “It states cardiac arrest as cause of death because yesterday 16 men were hanged before her eyes. Zahra’s heart stopped and she died before she was taken to the gallows,” Moradi wrote. Nevertheless, prison guards hanged her lifeless body. “They hanged her lifeless body, and the victim’s mother, Fatemeh Asal-Mahi, personally kicked the stool from under her feet so she could see her daughter-in-law’s corpse on the gallows for even a few seconds.” Zahra Esma’ili (Esmaili) was hanged at dawn on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at Gohardasht (a.k.a. Rajaei Shahr) Prison in Karaj. She was 42 and had two children. Zahra Esma’ili was the 114th woman executed during Rouhani’s tenure as the clerical regime’s president. Zahra Esma’ili was innocent. She claimed responsibility for the murder of her husband to save her teenage daughter who had shot him in the head. Alireza Zamani was a managing director at the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence. He routinely mistreated and battered his wife and children. He used to take different women home before the eyes of his own family. Alireza Zamani had even threatened to kill his wife and attempted to rape his own daughter. As a result of such brutalities, his daughter killed him with the help of her brother.


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