13 September 2018 :

According to the Baloch Activists Campaign, three political prisoners detained in Zahedan prison were transferred to solitary confinement on September 1st, 2018 and executed on 3rd September.
The Iranian authorities informed the prisoners of their death sentence and execution only one day after a recent clash between the armed opposition groups in Balochistan and Iranian security forces.
The identity of the Baloch prisoners executed has been confirmed as Dur Mohammad Shahbakhsh, 21, from Zahedan, Ismail Shahbakhsh, 23 and Hayatullah Noteizahi also known as Akbar 24-years-old.
The detainees were arrested July 7, 2015, on charges spreading mischief in the country, cooperating with the opposition groups and participation in an armed conflict against the law enforcement force and murder of an official of border security forces. However, all three of them denied the murder and other charges against them.


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