18 May 2020 :

Saturday, May 23 2020, 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
Live on Radio Radicale and on Youtube and Facebook of Hands off Cain

After the meeting on 18 April, we decided to convene a new Board of Directors of Hands off Cain -Spes contra Spem for Saturday, 23 May 2020, from 9:30 to 20:00 (with a break from 13:30 to 15: 00), always on the Zoom platform.
It is the only way to at least see and hear us, pending the end of the "day release" regime to which we are still subjected. To date, in fact, we cannot yet leave the region and we cannot hold meetings except between relatives and cohabitants linked by "stable affections" - what a way to talk about these immovable bureaucrats of the State of emergency! For example, we cannot yet go to Opera and other prisons to animate and revive the dialogue of the Spes contra Spem Laboratories.
We continue, therefore, to make a virtue of necessity and allow ourselves again a few hours of fresh air for an exchange of impressions, ideas, proposals and, above all, words of a sign other than that dark murmur, deaf to listening and silent, which envelops everything and everyone and who accuses, curses, inspires fear and invokes revenge.
The story of Raffaele Cutolo, an old and sick man in prison for half a century who today is denied that medical furlough that was provided for by a fascist law, the story of other old and sick people, first released and then re-imprisoned for a decree that it would be offensive of fascism to define "fascist", they are the figure of the degradation of a country that has gone from being considered the "cradle of law" to having become the "tomb of law". A country that, having abolished the death penalty, practices the penalty until death and death by penalty.
We said: words of different sign. The beneficial effects of the Opera Congress continue to manifest. In the last month, writers, columnists and even three former high magistrates - Giovanni Maria Flick, Gherardo Colombo e Luciano Violante - have taken a stand against the aberrant logic of a criminal system that in turn condemns violence and pain in turn inflicts violence and pain. We are not surprised by these positions, because when the ideas, feelings, actions are of a higher order and level and oriented towards universal human values, well, they also resonate remotely and influence ideas, feelings and actions also of people you least expect.

The agenda for our meeting includes 4 discussion points:

1) "Not a better criminal law, but something better than criminal law". Introduced by Sergio D’Elia. In addition to members of the Board of Directors, are planned, among others, interventions by Giovanni Maria Flick, Gherardo Colombo, Luciano Eusebi, Guido Bertagna, Mattia Feltri, Gioacchino Criaco, Gigi Omar Modica, Iuri Maria Prado, Tiziana Maiolo, Livio Ferrari, Giuseppe Morganti.

2) General situation, starting from Justice and Prisons. After the introduction by Rita Bernardini and the speeches by the Presidents of Honor Santi Consolo, Tullio Padovani and Andrea Saccucci, are planned, among others, interventions by the Surveillance Magistrates Riccardo De Vito, Giovanna Di Rosa, Fabio Gianfilippi and the President of UCPI Giandomenico Caiazza;

  1. a) Change at the top of the DAP (Prison Bureau); Releases and medical furlough; Bonafede decree; b) Campaigns on special cases: Domenico Papalia; Turkish lawyers; Iranian students;
  2. c) Appeals to the ECHR;
  3. d) Situation after the Viola and Pavone-Cannizzaro sentences;
  4. e) State of the art of procedural class action for compliance with sanitary hygiene measures in prisons;

3) 2020 registration campaign with the goal of 2,000 members of Hands off Cain.

4) Book on the Opera Congress.

We ask you to give us the strength to continue our commitment against this deadly penal system, by subscribing to Hands off Cain and, if you have already done so, helping us find at least one other member.

Best wishes,

Rita Bernardini
Sergio D’Elia
Elisabetta Zamparutti



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