Sergio D'Elia, Secretary of HOC

11 October 2006 :

a resolution was deposited at the Chamber of Deputies’ Foreign Commission asking the government to “fully and immediately put into action” the motion established in Parliament last July 27 to present at the ongoing UN General Assembly a resolution for a UN moratorium on executions, with view to complete abolition of the death penalty. 
The resolution, first signed by Sergio D’Elia, Secretary of Hands Off Cain and deputy for the Rosa nel Pugno party, has obtained cross party support thanks to the 22 signatures so far collected, including: Ramon Mantovani (Communist Refoundation Party), Patrizia Paoletti (Forza Italia), Marina Sereni (Ulivo), Gianclaudio Bressa (Ulivo), Alessandro Forlani (Union of Christian and Centre Democrats), Enzo Raisi (National Alliance), Angelo Bonelli (Green), Mauro del Bue (Socialist Party New PSI), Iacopo Venier (Party of Italian Communists), Fulvia Bandoli (Ulivo), Giuseppe Reina (Movement for Autonomy),  Gino Capotosti (UDEUR), Giuseppe Astore (Italy of Values) Marco Boato (Green), Benedetto della Vedova (Forza Italia), Jole Santelli (Forza Italia), Pietro Folena (Indip. Communist Refoundation Party).

D’Elia and HOC Treasurer Elisabetta Zamparutti stated: “The UN moratorium on executions is the only institutionally founded and politically relevant initiative for the abolition of the death penalty and saving the thousands on death row who die amongst general indifference in countries such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other authoritarian regimes.”


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