02 July 2019 :

Mandalay District Court on 27 June 2019 sentenced a man to death for an armed robbery that resulted in the death of a woman in Chan Mya Tharsi township in Mandalay Region.
The accused, Khun Kaw Lar, was sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour for the attempted robbery, and to death for the killing of the woman.
The trial took 10 days. The accused has seven days to appeal the verdict.
“We have contacted his family about applying for an appeal. They are very poor. I have nothing to say regarding the verdict because it was reviewed by the court,” said an advocate.
In August 2018, a man and woman were on a motorbike when it was hit by the accused, also on a motorbike, at the corner of 55th street and Hninsi road in Tun Done ward. The accused then shot them, killing the woman and badly wounding the man.
Police said the gunman had been trying to rob the couple of money they had withdrawn from a bank.
The offender had earlier been sentenced by Chan Mya Tharsi township court to three years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm. 


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