03 February 2020 :

A High Court in Jos on 3 February 2020 sentenced two men, Dayabu Ahmad 20, and Umar Aliyu, 21, to death by hanging for armed robbery. Justice S.P Gang, found the convicts guilty of criminal conspiracy and armed robbery.
Delivering judgment, Gang held that going by the findings of the court, the convicts armed themselves with dangerous weapons, blocked the Barkin Ladi/Mangu road and robbed commuters of their belongings.
“This sentence is mandatory, as the law states that any person convicted of armed robbery shall be punished with death by hanging.
“The sentence of this court upon you is that you, Dayabu Ahmad and Umar Aliyu, will be hanged until you are dead. May God have mercy on your soul,’’ Gang said.
The judge also handed down three years imprisonment on the convicts for the offence of criminal conspiracy.
Prosecution Counsel told the Court that the convicts on 26 January 2019 on the Barkin Ladi/Mangu Road armed with weapons and dispossessed travelers of their belongings.
The items stolen by the convicts include; 1kg of meat, a gallon of groundnut oil, a packet of maggi cubes, watermelon and N100,000 cash.


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