12 January 2024 :

A Niger state High Court has convicted and sentenced to death by hanging a man, Tunde Tayo, for the murder of Abdullahi Janiya Yahaya in Maitumbi area of Minna, Niger state in 2019. 
Presiding judge, Justice Mohammed Mohammed, handed down the death sentence on January 10, 2024 in a judgement delivered for over two hours.
Reviewing the case, Justice Mohammed Mohammed held that the circumstantial evidence against the accused by the prosecutor was strong, cogent and direct.
The convict, according to the Judge, was arraigned on two count charges of robbery and culpable homicide under sections 298 and 221 of the penal code. 
Tayo and his friends now at large were accused of cutting off the head the deceased and burying the body in a shallow grave inside an uncompleted building in Maitumbi area of Minna on 13th of September 2019.
According to the judge, the convict admitted in his statement to the police that he owns the uncompleted building, adding that, “Although he denied killing the deceased, circumstantial evidence established that he was last seen with the deceased and that he committed the crime.” 
Justice Mohammed said, “On the charge of robbery on section 298 of penal code, you are sentenced to life imprisonment. On the second count charge of culpable homicide under section 221 of the penal code law you Tunde Tayo is hereby convicted and sentenced to death by hanging until you die. May Almighty God have mercy on your soul.”


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