Islamist Al-Shabaab rebels

09 January 2018 :

The Somali Military Court sentenced five defendants to death for participating in the October 14 attack that caused 512 deaths, attributed by the government to the terrorist group Al Shabab.
According to press reports, a few days after the deadly attack, the authorities detained those accused, whom were subjected to a police investigation, after which they acknowledged their participation in the largest attack in the history of this country.
The media reported that two of them were drivers, other two were officers of the Intelligence service and the fifth had the intention to immolate itself with the use of a vehicle that would explode in another action, but was captured by the security forces.
“Since October 14, the government conducted investigations, arrested five men in the case. The Court began to listen to their (statements) and decided to sentence them to death,' said prosecutor Hasan Ali Nur Shute, regarding the decision of the judges.
On October 14, a double truck bombing killed 512 people in Mogadishu, prompting thousands of nationals to take to the streets to protest against the terrorist group Al Shabab, created in 2006. According to records of the tragedy, the first detonation was next to the Safari hotel, located in a popular area of this city where government offices, hotels and restaurants are located.
The second attack was perpetrated near a busy market near the former headquarters of the national airline Somalia Airlines, in the capital district of Wadajir.


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