10 November 2022 :

The Somalia military court on 3 November 2022 executed two Al-Shabaab convicts as part of the ongoing fight against the militants who control large swathes of rural central and southern Somalia, making it a total of 10 people to be killed within two weeks in the Horn of Africa nation.
Last week, the court executed three militants who were convicted of various crimes, including coordination of attacks across the country. The execution was carried out by the famous firing squad, a contingent within the Somali National Army [SNA] which is given such responsibilities.
According to the military court, the two militants were executed having been convicted of killing security personnel.
Execution has been part of the strategy to eliminate the militants from the country, but they still dominate most parts of the country including northeastern Kenya.
Those killed on 3 November morning are Abdulle Ahmed Mudey, 24, and Omar Adan Mohamed, 29.
They were convicted for assassinating two security officers in 2019 and the military court has turned down their appeals, warranting their immediate execution by firing squad. This brings the number of militants executed in recent days to 10.


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