11 February 2021 :

A 39-year-old South Sudanese woman in Khartoum was hanged on 9 February 2021 after being sentenced to death for killing her little sister in Sudan three years ago.
In 2019, the court found Eliza Aban Othu guilty of murdering Teresa Aban Othu in 2018.
Eliza is said to have quarreled with Teresa over an issue involving their children at Haj Yousef the same year.
A fight ensued, leaving Teresa dead. She broke her neck, the court heard.
“A judge ruled that the only son of the late Teresa Aban Othu, who is aged 18, had to advise on whether his aunt should be hanged or offered clemency,” said Achol Malong Deng, human rights activist based in Khartoum.
“But the boy said that the children of his aunt must also be orphaned. So the court took the decision to hang Eliza on 8 February.”
Ms Malong added that Teresa was hanged on 9 February, leaving behind her two sons.
There are hundreds of South Sudanese in various prisons in Sudan, according to reports. Most of them were convicted on charges related to murder and theft.
In 2020, the Sudanese government pardoned twenty-five death row inmates of South Sudan descent.Some were charged with treason, terrorism and crimes against the state – all crimes committed before the separation of the two countries.


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