Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

23 February 2022 :

The Syrian regime has executed dozens of young men from Eastern Ghouta inside the Sednaya Military Prison, Middle East Monitor reported on 22 February 2022, citing a local media group.
The Damascus and Rural Correspondents Network said the Syrian regime massacred dozens of young men who were arrested in 2018.
According to the network, the residents of the Deir Al-Asafir town in Damascus countryside received the death certificates of more than 46 young men who had recently been executed in Sednaya Prison, including nine detainees from the same family.
Though the names of the majority were provided, the list included five Palestinians whose names could not be obtained as well as ten other unverifiable names.
A few days ago, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria confirmed the death of three Palestinian women in Sednaya Military Prison in the Damascus countryside.
It named the women as Alia Al-Safadi, Noor Hassan Sweid and Marah Al-Jishi.
A prisoner who had recently been released from the prison said the females had been subjected to daily torture by electric shock, rape, beatings, humiliation and solitary confinement.
She called on the international community and human rights organisations to intervene in order to release the detainees from the regime's prisons.
The names of 31 of the executed:
Ahmad Khasawneh Abu Majed, Abu Hisham Khasawneh, Basil Khattab, Abboud Khattab, Tariq Khattab, Iyad Khattab, Adnan Ezz El Din, Dirar Ezz El Din, Daas Ezz El Din, Amin Ezz El Din, Abdel Hamid Ezz El Din, Mahmoud Ezz El Din, Mohamed Ezz El Din, Ahmed Abdullah Ezz El Din, Ibrahim Ezz El Din, Mohamed Ghazeel, Abu Diab, Omar Ghuzayyel, Ahmed Ghuzayyel, Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Omar Al-Buqai, Bilal Al-Laz, Jalal Al-Laz, Riyad Al-Laz, Haitham Khattab, Haitham Khattab's brother, Omar Khattab, Ahmed Taha, Abu Riyad Alwan, Zuhair Alwan, Khair Al-Din Al-Beqai, Alaa Al-Beqai.


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