12 February 2019 :

The share of Belarusians who support the use of the death penalty increased from 52% in 2016 to 60% in 2017, a poll by the Presidential Administration’s Information and Analytical Center showed. Such data was published in the latest collection of the Information Analytical Center “The Republic of Belarus in the mirror of sociology”.
In 2017, 60% expressed the opinion that the death penalty is necessary, 18.5% supported the abolition, 12.5% ​​supported the moratorium, and 9% found it difficult to answer, according to the IAC.
According to the IAC, in 2016 the share of supporters of the death penalty was 8 percentage points lower, and the number of supporters of the moratorium was 6.5 percentage points above.
At the same time, the survey showed that not all Belarusians know how the death penalty is in Belarus. 12% believe that this measure is currently canceled in Belarus. 4% think that a moratorium has been introduced. 7% of citizens think that the death penalty has not been executed for many years. 69% gave the right answer – that death sentences are carried out and executed in Belarus.


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