06 June 2022 :

The High Court of Trinidad and Tobago on 2 June 2022 sentenced to death two brothers after they were both found guilty of murdering a man and attempting to kill the victim’s brother and cousin 12 years ago.
The killing took place after the accused, John and Victor Flores, forced the three to help them process their marijuana harvest at Charuma forest in Biche, on 24 May 2010.
In addition to the murder and attempted murder charges, the brothers were also found guilty of possession of arms and ammunition.
The guilty verdicts were announced by Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas following a virtual judge-alone trial.
However, even though the two were found guilty of all five offences, the judge only passed sentence on the murder convictions, since that conviction carried the mandatory sentence of death.
“John Flores and Victor Flores, you have each been convicted of murder. Your sentence is that you are to be taken from this place and thence to a lawful prison where you shall suffer death by hanging, and may the Lord have mercy on your respective souls,” said the judge.
They were charged with the shooting death of Seecharan Sankar and the attempted murders of his brother, Doodnath “Anil” Sankar, and their cousin, Johnny Ramnarine.
Appearing on their behalf were attorneys Ramesh Deena and Rekha Ramjit; while State prosecutor Maria Lyons-Edwards appeared on behalf of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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