09 November 2017 :

A Gulf national has been given death penalty on charges of beating his 25-year-old Arab wife to death.
The verdict was issued by the Sharjah Sharia court on November 5 morning.
The court handed down its verdict after the victim’s family refused to pardon the killer and accept blood money.
The court said the man would be executed in the presence of his wife’s family members, who insisted for ‘Qasas’ (retributive justice as per Islamic Law) and refused to pardon him.
According to court record, the case is dated back to January 2016 when a 37- year-old Gulf national got involved in quarrel with his wife over marital issues and their discussion turned violent. Then the husband slapped his wife and left the house. The couple have one daughter.
During the police interrogation and court hearing, the accused confessed to the crime.
He said he did not intend to kill his wife and he slapped her after they got involved in a heated discussion and then he went out of the house.
He said that he found his wife drinking wine when he came back home late at night. He took the bottle from her hand and tried to take the glass as well but she refused and resisted.
At this, he beat her again and went to sleep.
He said he found his wife was sleeping with high fever but later he discovered that she was dead.
He reported the incident to police operation room and surrendered himself to police.


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