27 March 2018 :

The Sharjah Criminal Court ruled, in the presence of ‘blood relatives,’ to execute the Asian maid who was convicted of premeditatedly killing Salama Salem Al Mazmi, a 9 month-old infant.
Details go back to July 2016 when the deceased was admitted to Al Qassimi Hospital with a skull fracture due to severe beating by an Indonesian maid, 28, working at home.
The maid reportedly hit the victim with a flyswatter. Ten days after being hospitalised, due to a severe drop in blood circulation caused by severe brain damage, heart failure, coma and breathing difficulties, the baby died.
“We were waiting for the death sentence because we are in the state of justice. Justice has been done and the criminal has received its punishment. I hope that justice to this criminal will be an example to others,” said Salem Al Mazmi, the father of the deceased.
Al Mazmi pointed out in previous statements that he discovered his daughter had been beaten and tortured by the maid after the baby fell unconscious two weeks ago. Then she was admitted to the intensive care unit at Al Qasimi Hospital. Doctors told him that her body had bruises and fractures. The father then filed a complaint with Wasset Police Station, accusing the maid of assaulting the deceased.


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