USA - Alabama. Joe Nathan James, 50, Black, was executed

USA - Joe Nathan James

29 July 2022 :

Joe Nathan James, 50, Black, was executed
James was executed at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore by lethal injection Thursday night for the slaying of his ex-girlfriend, Faith Hall, 26, on Aug. 15, 1994.
It’s an execution the victim’s family fought to keep from happening. Faith Hall’s two daughters, who were 3 and 6 when their mother was killed, had said recently that they would rather James serve life in prison, but Gov. Kay Ivey said Wednesday that she planned to let the execution proceed.
The family members did not attend the execution.
A Jefferson County jury first convicted James of capital murder in 1996 and voted to recommend the death penalty, which a judge imposed. The conviction was overturned when a state appeals court ruled a judge had wrongly admitted some police reports into evidence. James was retried and again sentenced to death in 1999, when jurors rejected defense claims that he was under emotional duress at the time of the shooting.
The execution began a few minutes after 9 p.m. CDT. James was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m.
James becomes the 2nd inmate to be put to death this year in Alabama, and the 70th overall since the state resumed capital punishment in 1983.
James becomes the 8th inmate to be put to death this year in the USA, and the 1,548th overall since the nation resumed executions on January 17, 1977.


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