USA - California. Judge Candace Beason sentenced Cherie Lash-Rhoades to death

12 April 2017 :

Modoc County Judge Candace Beason sentenced Cherie Lash-Rhoades, 47, native American, to death for the 4 people she murdered and 150 years to life for the attempted murder cases and special allegations. Lash-Rhoades was found guilty in December of 2016 on 4 counts of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. A Placer County jury sentenced herto death on Jan. 15 (see). According to Modoc County District Attorney Jordan Funk, this is the 1st death penalty case he knows of in Modoc County. Lash-Rhoades shot 6 people at the Cedarville Rancheria Tribal Office in Alturas, ultimately killing 4 on February 20, 2014. Officials said at least 1 of the injured was also attacked with a butcher knife after Lash-Rhoades ran out of ammunition. Officials added a witness was able to escape the office and run, covered in blood, to the Alturas Police Station where they sounded the alarm. The 4 victims were identified as Rurik Davis, 50, Lash-Rhoades' brother and tribal chairman; Angel Penn, 19, Lash-Rhoades' niece; Glenn Calonico, 30, Lash-Rhoades' nephew; and Sheila Russo, 47.


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